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Give us a call and let us do all the hard exterior cleaning for you! Bethesda Barons Power Washing is your local, dependable, professional exterior cleaning company. We specialize in Commercial & Residential properties. Proudly serving Baltimore, Bethesda, Washington Dc and the surrounding areas. Our wide range of cleaning services vary from power washing, window cleaning, to gutter cleaning and roof washing. We can do it all! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If it’s dirty, we clean it. We’ll make it look like new. Our team is committed to providing our clients with premium power-washing needs. We use only state-of-the-art equipment and time-tested techniques to get the job done. Fill out our contact form today, for a free estimate! Our prices are affordable and our team is dedicated to our giving our customers the best services in town!

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Exterior Washing Company Montomgery County 

Living in the city, running a business, and taking care of your family can keep you running around the clock. Which is why it has proven to be beneficial to hire a power washing company who knows exactly what they are doing, how to do it, and will even remind you when it is time to clean your commercial or residential property again. Bethesda Baron Power Washing is a top rated cleaning company to give you the high quality exterior washing services that you have been in dire need of. 

Gutter Cleaning 

Window Washing

Roof Cleaning

Soft Washing

Pressure Cleaning

Deck Washing and Staining 

Patio Cleaning

Concrete Driveway Cleaning

Sidewalks & Walkway Cleaning

Plastic Awning Cleaning

Brick Paver Washing 

Benefits of Having a Clean Home in Bethesda Md

We can not stress enough the importance of having a clean exterior. If your home or business location is not being properly taken care of it can overall cost you more money in damages and can quickly lose its curb appeal. The biggest culprit for causing a home or business to run down is from the slow build up of mold. When mold and mildew take root on your siding or roof, it can cause major damage if not removed completely. This is why you need a professionals help, a company like Bethesda Barons Power Washing. Every employee is certified and trained to remove stubborn stains, mold, and all sorts of fungi. With the proper combination of water pressure and cleaning detergents, our guys can clean just about any surface that you need washed! Our main focus is giving our customers the results they have been wanting and providing them with a stress free experience from start to finish. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed- and that is our promise to you!

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Soft Washing Vs Pressure Cleaning

Many of our clients in Maryland are curious to know the difference between soft washing and pressure cleaning. Is one better than the other? Does one cause damage or use harsh chemicals? We are here to go over everything you need to know about the two types of cleaning methods. The most important thing to do is to understand the differences between the two and how each service can benefit your home or business in different ways. 

Our exterior washing contractors can provide either soft or pressure washing services, and we can work with you to decide which service would be best for your property. 

Soft washing uses very little pressure and relies mostly on cleaning agents to do the work. These soft washing detergents are safe for both your home and the environment. The water pressure used to soft wash your home will not have  a PSI over 1,000, which is less than half of the PSI used for pressure washing. Rather than relying on pressure to clean your home, soft washing uses formulated detergents and a designated soaking time, or known as a “dwell time” to clean those surfaces.

Soft washing is highly recommended for delicate surfaces or freshly painted areas like:

Cedar shakes

Wood panel siding

Stucco and coquina

Screens, screened enclosures, and lanais

Vinyl Siding

Patio Furniture

Asphalt Shingles

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water to forcefully remove any dirt or grime from the surface that it comes into contact with. This is very effective, but if done improperly, it could pose some risk of damage to your property.

Pressure washing uses a wand that expels water at least 2,500 PSI. While this amount of pressure is highly effective for removing stains, there is a possibility that it could damage some softer or more fragile surfaces of your Potomac or Rockville home’s exterior. If done by an inexperienced power washer, it could cause serious damage to roofing shingles, painted surfaces, and wood decking, costing you more money in the long run. Pressure washing is best used on anything that is tough, but has deep grooves that allow dirt to be embedded is a great candidate for pressure washing. Such as: 

Concrete sidewalks



Paved patios

Brick, stoned walkways

Industrial Machinery 

Gutter Cleaning & Whitening Services

Gutters; a shallow trough fixed beneath the edge of a roof for carrying off rainwater. Most of the time gutters are made of vinyl or plastic, but they can come in metal, copper, steel, or even wood. Their job is extremely importantly: To carry rain water away from your home that could potentially cause serious water damage inside and around your property. When gutters are full of of debris, leaves, and mildew, you will notice that water is not draining and flowing properly, but will be overflowing from the top. When this happens, water that should be directed away from your home could flood flower beds and landscaping, and eventually find its way into crawl spaces and the foundation of your home. That could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix. But with the help of our gutter cleaning pro’s of Bethesda we can get your gutters flowing again and save you money from costly repairs. 

In addition, to having your gutters clean on the inside, we can get them shining on the outside- with our gutter whitening services. We will remove stubborn stains and all traces of dirt, restoring them to look like the day that you installed them! If you really want to wow roadside viewers, its time to get rid of unsightly stains and streaks from your gutters with our 5 star rated cleaning services. Combine this service with a low pressure house wash and watch your home shine!

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Top Rated Roof Washing Company Montgomery County 

Looking for a reliable exterior cleaning company to keep your home looking its absolute best all while being safe and not voiding any roofing warranties can be a challenge. You can hire the first company you find with the cheapest estimate and poor quality, or you can go for a trustworthy exterior washing company that provides high quality services and consistently delivers top notch results. That is what we are and prove to our customers time after time, our reviews speak for themselves! Our licensed and insured team of professional roof cleaners will work hard to remove unsightly stains and mildew from your roof and keep your property safe. Choose quality with us, you will not regret it. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Choosing an Expert Exterior Washing Company

A professional pressure washing can achieve some really dramatic results. Watching that layer of dirt wash away is a pretty satisfying experience. Where regular cleaning and maintenance falls short, only pressure washing can take care of built-up grime. When you choose Bethesda Barons Power Washing we guarantee a top quality job. You can expect a quick response to all requests. We offer a line of environmentally friendly & bio-degradable chemicals, as well as other specialty chemicals that could be needed, based on your specific needs. Better chemicals equates to a job that can be done safely, effectively, with less pressure. We willingly travel around the Washington Dc area to serve our loyal customers. Including areas such as:



Chevy Chase

Falls Church Virginia


North Bethesda

Montgomery County



Silver Spring

What to Expect When You Choose Us 

  • Professionalism. Our dedicated office staff is always there to pick up the phone when you call. All estimates will be done in a timely manner. Our staff is courteous, honest, and on-time.
  • Expertise. Our field technicians have the training, knowledge, & experience to deliver quality service that is unmatchable. 
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. As a customer, you are paying for outstanding results. With Bethesda Barons Power Washing, that’s exactly what you’ll get. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work and firmly stand behind it. 
  • Peace of Mind. We are fully licensed and insured for the safety of our washing technicians and your property. This is to give our customers and our employees the peace of mind that we are there to take care of any issues that may arise. We do our best to be extra cautious, but we are aware that accidents do happen, so we are prepared for just about every situation. 

Give us a call today for affordable prices, and high quality power washing services. We will help you add instant curb appeal to your property and give it a fresh new look! For a free  estimate fill out our contact form or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Bethesda Barons Power Washing
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 by Trevor Neel

High quality services, very professional, great communication- and they worked wonders on our roof! I will be recommending this company to all of my friends and neighbors!

 by Melissa Klein

Very professional and made sure I liked what they did. Great workers and they showed up on time!!

 by Bobby

Wow. I am so impressed with this company. House looks wonderful! Very friendly, professional, helpful and prompt!

 by Joel

I had my roof cleaned and it looked like a new roof! They arrived on time and were very affordable!

 by Amy Woods

My house looks beautiful thanks to these guys! They were highly professional and gave plenty of notice before arriving! I own several rentals and will use them for every single one.

 by Heather Morrison

This company always goes above and beyond any expectations I could have had for a professional service! I use them all the time and recommend them to everyone that I know.

 by Sarah H

The crew showed up on time. Pressure washed home, pavers around home, back patio, driveway. We are very happy with the results!! We will be using this company from now on.